Fotos de Visita a Río Piedras

Quiero compartir lo que más me gusta de Río Piedras… la Plaza del Mercado20140311_155625 20140311_150532 20140311_150608 20140311_150610 20140311_150656 20140311_150716 20140311_150843 20140311_151143 20140311_151212 20140311_151355 20140311_151545 20140311_152028 20140311_152057 20140311_152126 20140311_152146 20140311_152633 20140311_152701 20140311_152730 20140311_152808 20140311_152901 20140311_153304 20140311_153311 20140311_153319 20140311_153426 20140311_153507 20140311_153611 20140311_153646 20140311_154716 20140311_154836 20140311_154928 20140311_155106


I came across a police man in Río Piedras the other day.  He has been documenting the change in Río Piedras for years.  The URL for his blog is below.  I thought it may come in handy.

Interesting Interface for Education

While this talk doesn’t speak directly to the video gaming industry, it is an interesting method of deployment of  an educational game of sorts. Sugata Mitra is the winner of the 2013 Ted Prize (the first $1millon prize) and here is his vision.  I thought in the future if we think of deployment and trying to make a game that would attract all members of the community, it could provide some insight about the interface…